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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Our most popular "cleaning products" on sale! 15% off through the end of April!

body scrubs

Salt and Sugar Body Scrubs a delightful at home spa treatment - all 15% off!

cleansing grains

Cleansing Grains and Magic Mud - two luxurious facial cleansers! 15% off through April.

New! Handmade Shampoo Bars!

Handmade by Sue of Memories Remade LLC, in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, these shampoo bars are part of our new range of handmade soaps. ON SALE NOW! 15% off, through April!

new handmade shampoo bars

Check out our new soaps and luxury bars here!


New Store Hours :

Thursday, 12-5
Friday, 12-5
Saturday, 12-5

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April 17, 2014


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