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Char's Corner #1

Char wrote us with an incredible list of fun things she's doing with our products. Things we'd never have dreamed of! (but hey, we've always maintained that our customers are far more clever than we are..she's just proving it!). Enjoy her suggestions, and look out - there's more to come very soon!

Shea Butter Body Balm

Lavender Body Balm
Try applying it lavishly to the heels of your feet at night to help slough
off old rough skin. It also helps relieve stressed out tootsies that have dry patches on them.
Also try massaging the Balm on your nails and cuticles before you go to
sleep, for shiny nails and softer cuticles

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Lavender Dryer Sachets
These are great in the dryer, but you can also use them under a pillow in a
guest bedroom [or your own room!] , or tucked inside the pillowcase. It has a
subtle restful scent. herbal scents for your home
Cheek Gloss

Cheek Gloss
Another use for Cheek Gloss is as a sheer polish for your nails. If you like the natural look, dab a tiny bit of any color gloss on your nails and buff.
This gives a very light, barely there, but healthy hue to your nails -- and also gives them a moisturizing treatment at the same time! My favs are Pink Cheeks and Coral Cheeks.

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Rosemary-Mint Sugar Scrub
When you know that cup of coffee just isn't going to be enough wake you up,
this might help. I throw a large towel on the bathroom floor and rub down lightly with some
sugar scrub before hopping into the shower. The extra scrubbie particles fall
onto the towel, helping to reduce the amount of oil on the shower floor. After
finishing in the shower, just fold up the towel and put it in the laundry.
Fold it so the crumbles won't get onto any other clothes.
It doesn't add much time to my schedule, I smell good, the laundry smells
good, and I'm really awake to face the traffic on the morning commute.
Herbal Conditioning Hair Oil

Conditioning Hair Oil
Okay, I haven't got another use for it, but if you have the time for some deep conditioning try massaging the oil through your hair, then put a shower cap on to retain your own body heat to help the conditioning. If, like me, you don't have a shower cap handy, try a plastic bag from the grocery store. The handles work great to tie it firmly around your head. It's one way to recycle.

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