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Simple Tea Blending Tutorial
by Rachel Johnston founder of

What happens when you purchase a tea you may not have enjoyed as much as another? Or what if you have a favorite tea that you are almost out of and can't get right away? Throw it away? No! Give it away? No!

Create something new! What you can do is make your own blend. I know a lot of folks already do this. This can be as creative as you like. See the herbs or teas as a painter sees their palate. Say you got some rum tea and thought BLECH no way. Add it to something else instead of tossing it or giving it away.
Say pineapple or coconut or vanilla.

I am going to use an example using Scent by Spirit teas (of course) because it is an easy way to go and you don't have to invest in a ton of supplies. :)

1. Think about your favorite flavors.

1a. Say it is Spiced Apple Cider, Decaf Spicy Vanilla Chai, Vanilla Moon and Chamomile.

2. Which flavor is the strongest and which do you want to be the most predominate in your blend?

Some ideas or examples would be:
I LOVE Vanilla and would like just a hint of apple and a dash of chamomile which some say tastes/smells like apple (got me, I never really translate it that way through my olfactory palate).

What you would do is start by taking

1 bag of Vanilla Moon and put it in a bowl or zipper bag or another container that you want to ultimately store you blend in.
1 bag is roughly one oz of tea when you are talking about actual black or green tea. The trick here is to think of the tin as a part and not worry so much about the actual weights per se.

Then you would take 1/2 tin of the Spiced Apple Cider and add it to your container.

Then you would take say 1/4 tin of Chamomile or however much you like, but it would be the smallest part of the blend if you really want a vanilla taste.

and then a dash of the Spicy Vanilla Chai

Mix it all together and test on your friends. NO first test on yourself. LOL

If you love it then don't change it, if it doesn't have enough of one flavor, just add until you get it right.

It isn't rocket science, but it does take a bit of practice. In a lot of ways it is just like working with scents.

In closing, not only is a highly creative endeavor, it is also a perfect way to use a tea that you maybe aren't that hot on.

Make something different. Sometimes certain flavors are best when blended with another stronger flavor. It can lend an underlying hint of something different and it can be your secret ingredient.

Go Leonardo Go go!


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