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Online review of our items in Vegetarian Baby and Child website.
Lovely product review from Sagewoman Magazine Jan 2004.
The Iowa REC magazine had a nice profile of us and our business in the October 2003 issue.
Handmade Beauty Network did a lovely little business profile on us in October 2003.
Here's a product review of our baby care products from the Herb Quarterly magazine.
Online product reviews from and
Farm Life newspaper did an article about is in June 2003.



NEW! Nancy Richter, a friend of ours, attended the Herb Society of America's Annual Conference, Herbs Rock! in June 2004. She reports on the conference, and gives us lots of wonderful recipes from the conference also!

Homestead Magazine (a John Deere Publication) did this amazing article on us. The pictures are amazing! (this is a PDF document so you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it).

Herbal Vinegars to the Rescue article published fall 2004 issue of Herb Quarterly.

Here's an article on Natural Baby Care that Maggie wrote for Back Home Magazine, published fall 2003.

And another one Maggie wrote for Back Home Magazine about Natural Body Care published Winter 2003.


Rue, Yarrow and Catmint

Catmint, Rue, and Yarrow, in our garden.


Herbal Vinegars and Funky Hair

Char's Corner - Tips, tricks and hints for your favorite Prairieland Herbs products.


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