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Basic Bath Salts Tutorial

make your own bath salts

To make your own basic bath salts you will need:
Sea salt and/or Epsom Salts
Essential and/or fragrance oils
Colorant such as paprika, turmeric, cinnamon (optional)

bowl and spoon (preferably not plastic)

Measure 2 cups salt into your bowl. You can use either straight Epsom salts, straight sea salt, or mix them in any proportions you wish. Epsom salts, also known as mineral salts, are great for relieving muscle strain and soreness. Sea salts are wonderfully cleansing, purifying and detoxifying.

Next, add the fragrance or essential oil. They have different strengths of "scent", so you'll have to let your nose be your guide. Start with 1/2 tsp. or so, mix well, and then sniff. You want it to be strong, but not overpowering - and remember, you will be diluting about 2 tbsp. of your bath salts in a whole tub of water! At this point you can also add color, if you like. I used paprika on the left, and turmeric in the bowl on the right, about 1/4 tsp. each to 1 cup of bath salts. Cinnamon, ground sage, and other spices can also make nice, all-natural colorants - check out your spice cabinet!

Essential oils are all-natural oils distilled from plants; they can be found at health food stores, pharmacies, and some craft stores. Fragrance oils are not natural, they are synthetic fragrances that are created in a laboratory. If you are using fragrance oils, be sure you get some that are safe for use in bath and body applications; some are only meant to scent candles and potpourri. Fragrance oils can be found at many craft stores or candle or soap supply places.

layered bath salts
When you have your bath salts scented and colored the way you like, package them up and you are done! Small plastic bags, or recycled bottles or jars, all make nice bath salt holders. If you want to get fancy, do what I did here: I divided my scented bath salts into 3 bowls, and left one uncolored and colored the other two with paprika and turmeric, respectively. Then you can layer them in a recycled glass or plastic jar and use them as a beautiful gift. To use, simply add 2 tbsp. (or to your liking) to a tub of water. Soak, and enjoy!





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