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Herb Quarterly recently reviewed our baby products, and here's what they had to say:

"Herbal baby products often prove hard to come by in the average supermarket aisle, and as many parents of a baby will attest, moms and dads don't have a lot of time to go looking. Prairieland Herbs has just created a line of all-natural basic baby skin care products designed to soothe baby and parents alike - and you can order them on-line.

The Baby Soft Moisturizer, which contains shea butter, sweet almond, and lavender oils, helps to relieve the soreness of diaper rash. The Breathe Easy Rub containst he same ingredients, plus rosemary and eucalyptus to help clear up congestion. Being partial to baths, we here at HQ especially liked the Baby's Milk Bath. Sprinkled into warm water, this moisture-rich mixture of milk powder, cornstarch, sweet almond, lavender and sweet orange essential oils creates a bath reminiscent of a warm country day (in our humble opinion at least). Less-disciplined parents may not want to share with their kids.

Prairieland Herbs also offers a talc-free baby powder and a Belly Balm for expectant mothers, as well as many other products. Visit or call (515)438-4268."


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