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How to use Hydrosols

Hydrosols are gently to strongly fragranced (depending on the herb used), have fabulous energetic and healing properties, and can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are a few of our suggestions, but we highly encourage you to experiment on your own. Hydrosols are a new and exciting addition to the aromatherapy and herbal arts; their uses and properties are still being explored.

· Use hydrosols instead of water in your favorite lotion or soap recipe
· Use as a facial mist or toner, after cleansing.
· Use soothing hydrosols (comfrey, lemon balm, yarrow) on sunburn, rashes, or to cleanse wounds.
· Add to your bathwater for a homeopathic bath treatment.
· Use as a room spray, linen spray, or body spray
· Use as a hair rinse or scalp treatment - makes a wonderful "leave-in" conditioner
· Use as a mist for tired, sweaty, feet
· Add to your humidifier for a pleasant scent
· Use as a compress for wounds, bruises, or injuries
· Diluted, soothing hydrosols can be used as a canine or feline ear cleanser. (we love Comfrey for this)
· Use as a coat spray for dogs
· Use hydrosols (especially yarrow or comfrey) to soothe itchy canine "hot spots"
· Essential oils are a "no-no" for cats, but hydrosols are gentle enough to be used on and near your felines. Use it as a ear cleanser, wound wash, gentle coat mist, or to freshen up the litterbox area.
· Use in your iron instead of water, or as a spray when ironing clothes.
· Use hydrosols to wash yoga mats, or to deodorize tennis shoes (Mints are great for this!)
· Hydrosols are a natural compliment to energy work (Reiki, Healing Touch, etc)
· Cook, bake with, or drink your hydrosols! (Dilute them if you're going to drink them - 1 tbsp. to a cup of water is a good start, then adjust to taste)
· Hydrosols work well as a mineral makeup setting spray. (If you're not familiar with mineral makeup, try, they have great stuff!)

As usual, our customers are far smarter and more interesting than we are, so we predict you will come up with dozens of wonderful uses we've never dreamed of. Please, when you do....drop us a line and let us know your experiences and ideas!


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