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Herbal Pet Care from Prairieland Herbs

We adore our pets. We each have 8 cats, and very often donate good/services to humane societies and rescue groups. We also have a gaggle of dogs, as those of you who have visited our shop can attest to :) Hopefully your furkids will enjoy these natural pet products as much as ours do.

Also, please see our Hydrosols page for suggestions and information about using hydrosols with your pets - hydrosols are a great, gentle way to use aromatherapy with your pets.

Prairieland Herbs No-Bug Shampoo

Designed for both people and pets, this shampoo bar can be used from head to toe
- or whiskers to paws!

No Bugs! Shampoo Bar

Our customers tell us these canine shampoos work great - they're easier to handle than a slippery shampoo bottle, and work very well for breeds or dogs with sensitive skin. We also know firsthand that they work just fine on cats, and rats, and would be fine for use on ferrets too.Ingredients

Per bar $6.50
3 or more bars $6.00 each.


Paws for thought about your dog's feet during the cold weather. This was a customer request, we tried it on our dogs and were very impressed!

Prairieland Herbs Paw Spa Pet Foot Salve

Paw Spa Pet Foot Balm

This is a thick, beeswax-rich paw protectant; excellent to keep snow and ice from sticking in paw fur. The balm also helps protect paws against salt and ice melt chemicals often found on sideealks and roads. The balm is 100% natural and unscented. To use, we simply wipe the pet’s paws right in the wide tin. If you want extra protection, you can rub the balm into the paw pads and between the toes.Ingredients

3 Oz. tin $10.00 each.


Prairieland Herbs Mutt Mist Doggie Deodorant

Mutt Mist

A gentle yet powerful blend of our own farm-fresh peppermint and lemongrass hydrosols enhanced with some lavender essential oil. This fragrant spray can be used directly on your favorite pooch, or on his/her favorite bedding or sleeping area. This blend deodorizes, refreshes, and also keeps bugs at bay! A wonderful way to ensure harmonious relations between dog and owner.

2 Oz. $9.00

8 Oz. $27.00


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