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Rosebud Garlands

By Tina Sams, Essential Herbal Magazine

When my daughter Molly was a wee one, we would spend late spring days outside working on rosebud garlands. She loved popping off the buds while I sat on a blanket stringing them. Its too early to make them, but when the weather warms up a bit, I hope you'll try this craft!

1 quart of rosebuds* - open enough that some color shows
dental floss or quilting twine
1 tapestry needle
1 warm sunny day
optional..... beads, peonie buds, any flower with a "hip", tiny bunches of herbs.... your imagination can bring a lot to this craft.

Cut the floss slightly longer than the desired length of the finished garland. Start by threading the needle and piercing the first rosebud in the "hip" or swelling beneath the petals or bud. Push the bud to about the middle of the length of floss. Continue stringing, turning the buds so that they fit snuggly together. They will shrink slightly. I like to use buds in various states of openness, so that they fill in a little bit and look less planned.
rosebud garland
When one half of the garland is finished, tie the end into a loop for hanging and begin stringing from the other side. This can be done over a number of days (or years!).

Be sure to hang this inside for drying, as it will make your house smell wonderful for a few days.
These garlands will last for years, although they may fade somewhat depending on the amount of sunlight they receive.

*Maggie's note: I didn't need quite so many rosebuds, because they were mostly larger in size. I picked perhaps 2 cups of rosepetals and got a garland that's about 24 inches long. I added in a few rose leaves for color. I'll update this page after my garland dries, to show you how it turns out!

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