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Sunny Spring Bath Tea

Mix together: 1 part lemon balm
1 part calendula
1 part mint
1 part rose petals
1 part lavender

Add a few drops of sweet orange or other citrus essential oil. Mix well to distribute the oil evenly among the herbs. This is your herbal bath tea!

To use: You have a couple of options here. You can pre-brew your "tea" by placing 1 cup bath herbs in 4 cups of water and bringing it to a gentle boil. Turn off heat, and let it steep for 10 or 15 minutes.Strain out the herbs, and add the liquid to your warm tub of water, hop in, and soak. This method will also make your house smell great! :)

OR, you can choose the steep-in-the-tub method. To do this, you will need either small muslin bags, squares of cheesecloth, or cheapo washclothes (get them from your local Dollar Store or Walmart. You want the really cheap thin ones so the water flows in through the herb mixture). If you're using a muslin bag, fill it 1/2 to 2/3 with your herb mixture, tight TIGHTLY shut, and you're done! If you're using cheesecloth, cut it into washcloth sized squares. Place a cup or so of the mixture into the cheesecloth or washcloth, gather all the corners at the top, and tie TIGHTLY shut with string or ribbon. You don't want the cheesecloth/washcloth crammed full of herbs, but loosely filled - again, so the water flows through the herb mixture. Now you can toss one in your tub of warm water, soak, and enjoy! You can wring these out really well and use them again.

These make wonderful gifts (think Mother's Day or May Day!) especially if you use pastel colored washcloths, or cheesecloth tied with pretty ribbon. Alternately, you can give the herb mixture in a clear glass or Mason Jar with directions for using the pre-brewed bath tea option (first one listed above). This is a very pretty mixture that smells wonderful and is very refreshing for the springtime!

See our herbal bath teas, or purchase the herbs and oils to make your own.


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