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Here's a report about us, from, a really neat online reviewer of beauty products. " The mother and daughter team of Donna Julseth and Maggie Howe turned their passion for gardening into Prairieland Herbs. They hand make all-natural bath, body, tea and food products using ingredients grown on their farm in mid-west Iowa. I am smitten with the Lemon Poppyseed Body Scrub ($8 for 8 oz., $14.00 for 16 oz.), a wildly refreshing blend of lemon, jojoba oils and sugar. I adore this bath treatment; it’s become my morning pick-me-up staple."
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And Amy Barker of Face Online Magazine has this to say about us: "Prairieland Herbs has a fantastic line of bath and body products for the whole family. They have wonderful products for adults and an intriguing line of products for mothers and infants. I really recommend this line if you are looking for something new to try! Their natural products are kind to the earth as well as to your body!"

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