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Tooth Powder

1/3 cup baking soda
1 tsp. myrrh powder
essential oils as desired (optional)

Combine baking soda and myrrh powder together. Add essential oils, a drop at a time, until you like the taste/smell. Store in recycled jar or tin. To use: wet toothbrush, and dip lightly into the tooth powder. Brush as normal.

We've been using this recipe for natural tooth powder for some time, and really like the results. Our teeth feel clean, smooth, and our gums are very healthy. Donna has always had to use toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth, and has no problem using this recipe. We have tried a varitety of different essential oil combinations. Some good oils to experiment with are: ginger, peppermint, tea tree, orange, lemon, tangerine, fennel, spearmint, lavender, cinnamon, clove, or rosemary. The baking soda is cleansing; myrrh powder is very healing, and is also a mild antiseptic.


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